Many beach holiday lovers dream of a trip to Miami and begin to build their plans to make the dreams true. But here comes up a question: What are the best places to stay on Miami Beach?
The beach of Miami is divided into South Beach and Miami Beach. If you go to the southern part of Florida for the first time, you may not distinguish the two names, and, subsequently, the atmosphere of these two city parts. So, it will be hard to find the best hotel in Miami, which will satisfy your preferences and budget.

South Beach

It is a part of Miami Beach. The barrier island that runs along the coast of Miami is called Miami Beach, and the southernmost point of Miami Beach is known as South Beach.
South Beach is 20 blocks at length. This part of the island encloses attractive architecture in the Art Deco style, boutiques of famous designers and world-famous nightclubs. The southern part of the island attracts tourists from all over the world with a variety of restaurants and shopping malls. This area of Miami Beach is more suitable for the young travellers who want to party.
Luxury hotels on South Beach facing the turquoise ocean are located along the Atlantic coast. Accommodation costs in the South Beach are the highest in all South Florida. Hotels at the coast will be very expensive, so it is recommended to look for hotels in one or two blocks away from the coast, for example, Albion hotel; it is a perfect combination of price, comfort and location.

Miami Beach

South Beach is part of Miami Beach, but Miami Beach extends further to the north. This part of the island is more quiet and peaceful than the bustling South Beach. The northern part of Miami Beach offers stunning beaches with white sand, ideal for families with children and for surfing. Also, a well-known shopping mall Bal Harbour Shops is located here.

Miami Beach vs South Beach

It is important to remember that you do not need to spend all your time in the place where you stayed. Many travellers choose Miami Beach because of more affordable hotels and peaceful atmosphere, though just a few minutes’ drive divides them from the nightlife of South Beach. On the other hand, if you are planning a trip to see the glamorous side of Miami, you should choose South Beach and enjoy the glitter and luxury.

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