As the name indicates this Beach is in the heart of the eastern side city of Kapa’a. The Beach recreation place has a lot of easy Beach access and vehicle parking areas right off the road in Kapaa. This breathtaking Beach is good for walking or bicycle riding. You can capture the bicycle and people direction from here.

When the browse is relaxed some swimming at this Beach but it’s not suggested. Residents can be seem in the water with children when water is relaxed. An overseas offshore smashes the browse and wind cut developing a usually silent lagoon. However during the cold month season, this Beach is topic to large southern grows, and powerful voltages out of the route.

Baby & Fuji Beach

The adjacent tunel is used as vessel release, and provides vessels a place to release with sufficient detail. It also has a secured diving place known as Beach, Waipouli Beach Park or Fuji Beach, not to be puzzled with the Beach Beach on the southern coast, near Poipu. In the nights you made see anglers exercising lamalama or flash light sportfishing. Kapa’a Beach Park is a common spot for coastline sportfishing. You will see most of the fishers near the footbridge that joins both ends of the tunel. Also if you can get out of bed, make sure to watch the sun come up here.

This Beach is about 1 distance long and operates from from the Waika’ea Canal (south) to the group diving share place and Kapa’a Collection (north). The Waika’ea tunel is also known as Fuji Beach by some. This Beach is used by locals, and certainly doesn’t have a “resort” feel and isn’t breathtaking by any evaluate.

Short View

LocationKapaa – East Side
FacilitiesPicnic Tables
Good For

Swimming, Fishing, Relaxing, Watching sunrise

Things To Do
Fishing,Picnics,Beach Strolls,Jogging

Beach Safety

Beach Safety
Choose beaches with a lifeguard.
Before entering the water check for any warning signs indicating hazardous conditions.
Avoid swimming during high surf.
Never swim alone.
Never allow small children to swim or play in water unattended.
Never swim in murky water and never swim in river mouths.
Never turn your back on the ocean, an unexpected wave can knock you down and drag you out.
Listen to weather and surf forecasts on local radio or check the surf report

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