Miami beaches

“Some folks like to get away
Take a holiday from the neighborhood
Hop a flight to Miami Beach…”

Even though this famous Billy Joel’s song was written 40 years ago, Miami Beach still stays a perfect resort for those who are longing to escape from their routine lives, and discover the famous tourist paradise. It does not really matter what goals you are chasing when you choose to set off for Miami, whether you plan to spend your honeymoon or it is an arranged family journey, the first question that every tourist faces is how to find the perfect accommodation.

How to choose luxurious hotels in Miami

Luxury hotels in Miami beach are famous around the world. How to choose the ideal one among the variety of others? The breathtaking sandy beaches are surrounded with 3-,4- and even 5-star hotels. One of the ways to choose the accommodation is learning about the place where it is situated. Kalihawai, Brenneck beaches are exotic paradises; however they are mostly suitable for those who enjoy such facilities, as beach walking, fishing, and sunbathing. In addition, they are believed to be wonderful view points for watching glorious sunrises and sunsets. For tourists who travel with their families, such beaches may not be the best options, as they have no lifeguard. For your safety, it is recommended to choose beaches with a lifeguard if you intend to try snorkeling, swimming or surfing.

South beach hotels

How to choose hotelsMiami is willing to offer something for everyone. Throughout the history, South Beach turned out to be the most developed area. Nowadays, it is a grandiose cultural, educational and commercial center with a countless number of stores and hotels. The best beach hotels Miami are equipped with luxurious service and offer the facilities needed for comfortable time spending. Shipwrecks, Tunnels beach and some others are always under the lifeguard’s eye and they are suitable for everyone.

What is great about them?

Staying Miami luxury hotels is definitely followed by fascinating activities, including scuba diving, surfing, snorkeling and just enjoyable fishing, sunbathing, or admiring exotic nature. Ocean air and relaxation are said to be curative for different kinds of breathing and heart problems, and even helps to speed the recovery. Miami luxury hotels on the beach are unforgettable for their beauty and particular qualities.

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